What are Swipies?

Swipies are a reusable, durable, synthetic paper made for creative, productive people. They're designed to be used with wet-erase pens, allowing your work to stay put until rinsed with water. They're the perfect companion in the home and in the office.


Made of durable, synthetic materials, Swipies are thin and flexible, and won’t crease or tear.


Reduce excessive paper waste in your home office or company by reusing Swipies over and over again.


Thanks to the wet-erase pens Swipies were designed for, notes and artwork don’t smudge until rinsed.

Made in the USA

An environementally responsible manufacturer in Washington state produces Swipies.

Grid on the front, blank on the back
It feels like there’s a mullet joke here. But we won’t make it. Our customers love the dot grid for technical drawings, wireframes, and lists, and the blank side is nice when one wants freedom to doodle.
A buttery, smooth surface
This is important for two reasons. First and foremost, the smooth surface makes Swipies really fun to write on. “The wet erase just feels good and is more forgiving than pen,” said Andrew Custer from Snapchat. The second reason: if you’re into things like illustration or iconography, when scanned, Swipies translate very well to vector. There’s no paper grain to distort your edges, just lines that are crisp AF.
And then there's the wet-erase thing
So it’s a mini whiteboard? Well, yes and no. Swipies are not made for dry erase pens. Dry erase pens and cleaners are incredibly abbrasive and destroy surfaces over time. Plus, Swipies are portable and your artwork and information need to make it through travel. Wet erase gives us that. The ink stays put until you rinse it. Rejoice for no smudges! Plus, the pens are just so inky and wonderful. You’ll see.

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself

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