Swipies are reusable paper

used by designers, developers, and everyday humans in the home and at companies like Facebook, Airbnb, BuzzFeed, General Assembly and Shopify.

Write, Rinse, Wipe, Repeat.

Swipies are a reusable, durable, synthetic paper made for creative, productive people. They're designed to be used with wet-erase pens, allowing your work to stay put until rinsed with water. They're the perfect companion in the home and in the office.


Swipies are made in the USA and shipped everywhere

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And we do custom-branded Swipies for businesses

Event swag that doesn’t get thrown away. The welcome gift that new hires use their first week. The essential deskmate for every employee. The perfect conference room addition. Swipies and business go hand-in-hand.
Featured: Custom Swipies for Airbnb ☝️
Some kind words
“Swipies are my jam for quick prototyping and note-taking.” — Brian Lovin
“Absolutely love my Swipies! I use them at work and at home. Perfect for quick sketches and note taking.” — Celia McQueen
“The wet erase just feels good and is more forgiving than pen.” — Andrew Custer
“Simple idea, killer execution. 😍👌” — Logan George
“Shut up and take my money!”
— Jai Mitchell

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